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Sheriff James L. Manfre

Departmental Standards Directive

Title:                                                    Inmate Mail
Effective:                                            03.01.2013
Rescinds:                                             01.15.2011             
Standards:                                          FCAC 12.03-12.08
                                                FMJS 9.03(a) (b) (c) (d)



It shall be the policy of the Flagler County Sheriff's Detention Facility to encourage inmates to correspond with their families and friends. (FMJS 9.03(a). Such correspondence acts as a positive factor in the reduction of stress and tension in the inmate population. The Flagler County Detention Facility will not limit the volume of incoming or outgoing mail and will not maintain lists of inmates' correspondents. (FCAC 12.08)

The staff member assigned to receive the mail bears the overall responsibility for processing the mail. However, it shall be incumbent upon all staff members to promote this policy and procedure.

1. Incoming letters and packages shall be handled without delay and received only through the Flagler County Inmate Facility. Mail will be delivered Monday through Friday excluding holidays. (FCAC 12.06)

2. Letters to and from institutions are authorized and will be scanned the same as all other mail.

  • Inmates are not permitted to correspond with inmates at other county, state or federal facilities unless approval is received prior from the receiving facility and the Flagler County Inmate Facility. Requests to correspond with other inmates not housed at Flagler County Inmate Facility must be submitted to the Corrections Division Director.

3. All mail shall be picked up from the Operations Center during the 0600-1800 shift and given to the receptionist or placed in the reception mailbox.

4. The receptionist, using the inmate roster, will print the housing unit on the envelope.

5. Regular mail will be opened and inspected for contraband or furtherance of illegal activities upon receipt by the receptionist, Housing Unit Detention Deputy, or designated Detention Deputy. Correspondence will not be censored or read unless requested by the Corrections Division Director. (CORR-076-2013; attachment 1)

6. Reasons to monitor mail belonging to those inmates may include, but are not limited to the following: (FMJS 9.03 paragraphs b, c.)

  • Letters containing threats of physical harm against persons or threats of criminal activity. Conspiracy to introduce contraband.
  • Intercept money orders or cashiers checks for inmate account. Gang related correspondence.
  • Threats of blackmail or extortion. Escape plans; maps.
  • Plans for activities in violation of Flagler County Inmate Facility rules.
  • The letter is in code.
  • Contains information which, if communicated, would create a clear and present danger of violence and physical harm to a human being.

7. All mail which is monitored or reviewed for any reason shall be logged into the appropriate "Refused Mail Notification" incoming mail. (See attachments 1)

8. Photographs shall be subject to the following restrictions:

  • Photos received may be kept in the inmate's possession.
  • Polaroid/Instamatic photographs shall not be permitted.
  • The subject shall not be nude or sexually explicit.
  • Picture size shall not be larger than 5" x 7".

9. Funds received for inmates shall be handled in the following manner:

  • Cash funds and personal checks are not acceptable and will be automatically returned to the sender by the receptionist.
  • Money orders shall be made out to the Inmate Trust Fund and have the name of the inmate and their booking number written on the face of money order.
  • Any questionable money order will be brought to the attention of the Detention Services Director for disposition.
  • When funds are received by mail, the money order will be forwarded to the commissary clerk and the amount shall be written on the front of the envelope in which it was received prior to forwarding to the inmate.

10. When the receptionist receives notice from the post office of a package or letter with postage due, they shall advise the post office to return the mail to the sender.

11. Mail shall be distributed immediately upon scanning and sorting. Stamps shall be cut off all incoming mail.

12. The receptionist sorting and inspecting inmate mail shall not open privileged mail. Privileged mail is that which is defined as "to or from attorneys, courts, and other public officials".

13. If incoming privileged mail is opened to determine that it is privileged mail and contains no contraband, it must be done in the presence of the inmate. Only the signature and letterhead may be read. (FCAC 12.03)


Mail Supplies for Indigent Inmates

14. One (1) stamped envelope, Two (2) sheets of paper and two (2) postcards shall be provided to each indigent inmate once a week upon request. Indigence shall be determined by the inmate having One Dollar ($1.00) or less in their account. The cost of the paper and envelopes will be automatically deducted from the inmate's account when funds become available to defray the cost. (FMJS 9.03(f), FCAC 12.07)

15. Indigent inmates needing additional stamped envelopes for privileged mail must submit a written request to the Shift Supervisor stating the purpose and amount needed; to the attention of the "Inmate Welfare Account".

16. Inmates with funds in their account will be required to purchase postage paid envelopes from the inmate commissary. There shall be no limit to the amount of mail sent when the inmate
obtains or purchases postage paid envelopes from the commissary. (FCAC 12.08)


Outgoing Regular Mail

17. Outgoing letters and packages shall be handled without delay through the Flagler County Inmate Facility. (FCAC 12.06)

18. All outgoing mail shall be sealed, stamped with the "Flagler County Detention Facility" stamp, initialed, and forwarded to the Operations Center for mailing.

19. Letters written in languages other than English are considered approved correspondence.

20. Inmate letters may be given to the Housing Unit Detention Deputy for mailing throughout each shift. The Housing Unit Detention Deputy will ensure outgoing letters are properly addressed and stamped.

21. The inmate will present the entire correspondence to the Housing Unit Detention Deputy. Upon receipt, all outgoing mail will be forwarded to the Control Room Detention Deputy.

22. All letters forwarded to the Control Room Detention Deputy shall be left unsealed, with the exception of privileged mail, and must bear the inmate's complete name, address, and booking number on the return address section of the envelope. Enclosures of any kind are not permitted.

23. The 1800 - 0600 shift Control Room Detention Deputy will check the outgoing mail for contraband (FMJS 9.03(c)) and forward the letters to the receptionist. The following shall be returned to the shift supervisor as unacceptable:

  • Unauthorized letters between inmates within the jail.
  • Letters of more than four pages in length unless the inmate has additional postage
  • Letters with enclosures of any type.
  • Threats of physical harm against persons or threats of criminal activity.
  • Plans to escape.
  • Plans for activities in violation of the Flagler County Inmate Facility Rules. Letters written in code.
  • Letters addressed to inmates housed at other facilities without prior approval of the Corrections Division Director.
  • Letters from inmates on the mail review list.

24. Any refused or rejected correspondence will be returned to the inmate by the Shift Supervisor or designee. Inmates denied correspondence shall be given written notification to include the reasons for denial. (FMJS 9.03(d), FCAC 12.03)


Outgoing Privileged Mail

25. Outgoing privileged mail shall not be opened, but may be held for a reasonable time, not to exceed 72 hours, pending verification that it is properly addressed to an attorney, court, or public official. (FCAC 12.05)

26. The Detention Deputy in charge may authorize inspection of mail for contraband in the presence of the inmate, prior to it being sealed. (FCAC 12.05)

27. Under no circumstances are staff members to read privileged communication; they are only to inspect the contents for contraband. (FCAC 12.05)

28. The inspection is to be conducted in the presence of the inmate and upon completion, the inmate should seal the envelope.



29. If court clothes for trial purposes are mailed, they are to be placed in the inmate's property. The inmate will be given a receipt for all clothing received and stored.

30. Unauthorized items will either be returned to the sender or placed in the inmate's property.

31. The receptionist shall notify the inmate in writing via the shift supervisor when a package has been rejected.


33. It shall be the inmate's responsibility to notify their correspondents of the items authorized to be sent.


Sheriff James L. Manfre

Departmental Standards Directive


Refused Inmate Mail Notification

Inmate’s Name (Last, First, Middle Initial)


Block Number:




                      Incoming/Outgoing inmate postal mail will be returned to sender if it contains any of the following item(s) or substance(s):

  • Threats:
    • Of physical harm against person;
    • Of criminal activity;
    • To the security of the jail;
    • Of blackmail or extortion;
    • Of plans for escape/maps;
    • Of activities in violation of Inmate Facility rules;
    • Instructions for the manufacture of weapons, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or alcoholic beverages
  • The postcard or legal letter is in code or any questionable mail to include obscene language, description or depiction of sexual acts/fantasies;
  • Perfume, lipstick, stickers, glitters, adhesive tapes, stamp or glue attached to the postcard or  legal letter to include drawings of any kind;
  • Writing and/or drawings of any kind on the face of the postcard or envelope, other than the sender’s and recipient’s name and address;
  • No contact with victim or staff (other than through requests or appeals);
  • Photographs;
  • Maps or diagrams pertaining to any Flagler County location, business, government building or residence;
  • Postcard does not meet either the required minimum size of 3 ½ x 4 ½ or maximum size of  4 ¼ x 6;
  • Correspondence with inmates at other county, state or federal facilities unless approval is received prior from the receiving facility and the FCDF;
  • Publications:
      • Hardbound and used books;
      • Not sent from the publisher;
      • Does not have the inmate’s correct name and booking number;
      • If mailing label has been removed or tampered with in any way, the publication will be returned to sender or discarded if no return address is supplied
  • Incoming postcard and legal letters that do not contain the inmate’s full name,  including booking number;
  • Stamps and/or writing materials;
  •  Picture postcards, store-bought or home-made postcards.

NOTE:  Only plain pre-metered postcards purchased from the post office are allowed as correspondence.

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